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Premium Clip Lighter Leash®
(clips on belt loop, holds a standard bic)

The Lighter Leash® is a proven high volume sales item. Sales will generally include a lighter, and repeat lighter sales when the lighter is depleted. 30 count displays are 6.25 inches tall and have a small 4 inch square footprint. 60 count displays are 7 inches tall and have a 6 inch circular footprint. Displays come complete with barcode and variable price stickers. Each Lighter Leash® has a strong 32 inch nylon cord. Lighters sold separately.

The Premium Clip Lighter Leash® is designed to hold a standard size Bic® lighter or similar size lighter (like Clipper® and Winlite®). This style clips securely to one's belt loop or purse and gives its user quick access to a lite. Customers like the ability to sport there favorite color or design commonly seen on Bic® lighters. It's an ideal match and should be displayed close to lighters. Lighter Leash® are fun and very practical.