Original Lighter Leash

Retractable Lighter Holder

The Original Lighter Leash® is designed to hold a standard size Bic® lighter or similar size lighter (like Clipper® and Winlite®). This style clips snuggly to one's belt, pocket, skirt, or purse and gives its user quick access to a lite. Customers like the ability to sport their favorite color or design commonly seen on Bic® lighters. It's an ideal match and should be displayed close to lighters. Lighter Leash® are fun and very practical.

Original Lighter Leash

What's New at Lighter Leash?

CiGJiG® Cigarette Saver

Introducing the CiGJiG® Cigarette Saver. This is an economical way to store your half smoked cigarettes without stinking up your pack or pockets. The air tight compartment instantly extinguishes your lit cigarette once inserted and capped, therefore allowing for repeated enjoyment of your cigarette when time is an issue. Save Time, Save Money!

Retail Displays

30 Count and 60 Count Displays look great next to your lighter racks at the conveinence counter.

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Currently sold in over 5000 locations worldwide. Ask your local merchants to contact us for details.

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