Read these great testimonials from wholesalers and distributors nationwide, and see that the Lighter Leash® really is a proven product.

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"The lighter leash was the #2 profit generator in the lighter category during the test period. Should we experience the same results company-wide we would make about $36K in profit per year on the item. BIC SALES INCREASED 29% OVER THE SAME PERIOD IN 2005. 70% sell through for 30 units per store ..."

Dave, C-Store Owner

"It seemed like an in and out item, but after I have sold through 4 times now I believe the Lighter Leash is here to stay!"

Todd, Distributor Illinois

"We purchased 100 cases on our initial trial order from BarProducts and we sold out within 3 weeks."

Wholesaler Alabama

"I must say this is the best selling product we have in our store."

Melissa, C-Store Owner Oregon

"Bought the Lighter Leash on the 5th, put them into our 150 stores on the 10th, and sold out of every location before the 30th..."

Dave, C-Store Owner California

"I bought two pallets and had everything pre-sold before I even received the product!"

Gul, Distributor Owner Virginia

"Good margins, Consistent seller, the rednecks LOVE it!!"

Mike, Wholesaler Illinois

"I don't even smoke and I love this product. It is something that will be around for awhile."

Lincoln, C-Store Owner Colorado

"The Lighter Leash showed me that there still are great products being invented. Not just all the crap that we see everyday, truly a great product."

Brian, Distributor Rhode Island

"We just wanted to pass on the results we have had with the Lighter Leash. We put the 30 count "introductory" buckets in 34 of the 40 stores that we presented them to, on the "no risk" program. Over half of the stores re-ordered after two weeks, and of those (15) sold out in the first week. A lot of the reorders were for the full 60ct buckets...."

Mike, Distributor

"I didn't even buy your product yet and I have over 100 stores asking me if I distribute them, I told them no but I will be soon. This is a great product!..."

Steve, Distributor Oregon

"I am a broker of pharmaceuticals such as Stacker 2 and I deal with this product everyday and I personally give it an 85% sell-thru rate to retailers..."

Dirk, Wholesaler California

"I did not want to carry this product at first. But once I tested it, it took off, and now it is one of my best novelty items."

John, Wholesaler Texas

"I own over 150 C-stores in Florida and have carried this product for 6 months. I have had to re-order for all my stores the 30 count displays every 2 weeks. This is a great product."

Jeff, C-Store Owner Florida

"I distribute to over 2,000 convenience stores in a 3 state area. I have never seen a product move so efficiently as the lighter leash. It is truly a guaranteed seller."

David, Wholesaler/Distributor Oregon

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